Clearwater Truck Accident Attorney Tampa

Truck accidents can be devastating due to the large size and mass of the vehicles involved, particularly while traveling at a high rate of speed. Truck accidents occur in Tampa on Highway 275, Interstate 4 and many of the smaller roads in the bay area. The news in Tampa Bay features truck accidents many nights of the week, and unfortunately, many involve injuries. Be careful, and call Marielis call to find out what to do if you are injured by a truck in Tampa.

Marielis previously defended a trucking company in a personal injury case and she has worked with accident reconstruction experts on cases involving accidents caused by the alleged negligence of a truck driver. Marielis is knowledgeable on the standards that must be met by the trucking companies while they are operating their vehicles on public and private roadways. Call Marielis for a free consultation at 813-928-8833.