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When shopping or going out to eat, unfortunately, people can be injured from items falling off of shelves, by slipping on a wet floor, or by tripping on a carpet or rug. If you are injured while shopping or at a restaurant because you tripped on something on the ground, slipped on a spill on the floor, or are injured at a business, you many be entitled to pain and suffering damages.

What to do if you have slipped or fallen at a business:

  • Make a report with the manager or owner right away;
  • Take pictures with your phone;
  • Get contact information for anyone that witnessed the accident;
  • Seek medical treatment for your injuries;
  • Call Marielis Law to help you understand your rights.

Slips and falls in Tampa are one of the most common types of premises liability cases. Most of these cases involve something on the ground that has been placed or spilled on the floor in a place of business that causes a customer to slip, fall or trip. The typical case involves the issue of whether the owner or operator of the store actually knew of the dangerous conditions or should have known of the danger.